TEAM LEAD: Univ.-Prof. Heather Foran, Ph.D., has held the Chair of the Health Psychology Department at the University of Klagenfurt since 2016. She is also Chair and founder of the University Ethical Review Board and Chair of the Public Health Research Cluster. She was Associate Editor of the APA Journal of Family Psychology from 2016-2021 and is currently Senior Associate Editor at Epidemiology & Psychiatric Sciences. Her research focuses on families and behavioral health using a multisectoral approach. She has expertise in data analyses, psychological assessment, and conducting and large scale surveys in organizational settings (e.g., military, healthcare). Her work takes a public health perspective and she has conducted numerous international studies addressing health disparities using an implementation science framework. Her work was influential in changing the definitions for family problems and violence in the DSM-5 and ICD-11. She is also known for her contributions to socioecological models for intimate partner violence, substance use, and child maltreatment among military populations. She has received several grants and contracts (e.g., through the German Research Foundation, EU Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe).