Research Phases

In our research process we will follow foreseen steps during the period of January 2024 and January 2027:

1) Examine factors that predict mental health at the individual, micro, meso, and macro levels, using state-of-the-art research methods to examine each level separately and in interaction with each other.

2) Build on our previous socioecological health models and the model developed by the Military Specific Risk Factors for Military Family Health and Well-Being study developed through a previous collaboration from this project team and extend it to measure risk and protective factors for mental health.

3) Apply socioecological modeling to the mental health of first responders in crisis situations (e.g., pandemic).

4) Analyze it from a feminist perspective, taking into account the gendered nature of military, health, and police professions, which results from structural and societal characteristics.

5) Examine the relationships between general culture, organizational and functional preventive measures, and preparedness in the specific organization (military, health care, police), as well as organizational culture and individual ability to cope with crisis situations (gender, prior experience, professional preparedness for crisis situations, etc.).